#11 blogovision / Σταματης Γονiδης-Πλατη με Πλατη

ο δισκος με χτυπησε στον εγκεφαλο σα βελακι με καρφιτσα απο φυσοκαλαμο και απο βολη στα τρια μετρα. με διατρησε και με αφησε πλατη με πλατη με το κουφαρι του ευατου μου, οπως ακριβως το λογοτυπο της robe di kappa που ειχα παρει απο πρατηριο σε τιμη ξεφτιλα. ξεθωριασμενη γκρι φορμα ασορτι με κακογουστα σπορτεξ μαρκας strike. να μαθαινουν κι οι αλλοδαποι!   
Speedy, angry and intense, the songs flash by in a most enjoyable blur of great punk ideas, and Stamatis' superior playing ability means he can execute his ideas as well. Stamatis is probably one of the best guitarists who ever played this sort of music, churning out rapid punk chords and splintering solos with dexterity. 
While bands like Minor Threat and the Circle Jerks were all excellent bands with great messages and great themes and perfect expressions of raw power, the audience they attracted was often quite stupid. Macho men and skinheads and overall violent idiots who said "fuck the system!!!" without knowing what "the system" was; this was a large portion of punk rock fans. But with the coming of bands like the Minutemen and Stamatis Gonidis and his collaborations, punk fans became more everyday/average-Joe, because of the relatable lyrics of these bands that didn't just inspire people to punch people at shows.
First of all, Stamatis sounds sloppy as hell in true hardcore fashion. The riffs are fast and simple and chugging; the vocals are, for the most part, more brutal and pissed (especially the NiVo sessions) than they ever would be afterwards, and it's hard to believe that just a few years later the same line-up would release songs like "Mutual feelings a.k.a. αμοιβαια τα αισθηματα" and "Why are you cryin'? a.k.a. γιατι κλαις;", and while I myself am foremost a fan of the more balls-out punk, the songs here that are more similar to his later work are the best. Songs like the title track and "Zero Point a.k.a. σημειο μηδεν" are melodic while still filled with that raw hardcore energy that we all love. This seemingly perfect balance between the two styles is what separated Stamatis from his peers. Without these moments of sensitivity and melody, Gonidis would've been clumped in with your average hardcore bands. 
While it's no secret that Stamatis is great at his instruments and pretty damn good at writing meaningful songs, the overall sound he exudes on this album is the sound of what rock n' roll should sound like. Stamatis was just average looking guy. He didn't have mohawks but just a few henna tattoos. He looks like he probably shopped at Old Navy. He didn't have the wildest stage shows in town. He was just a two-thirds gay rock n' roll band that set out to write some good tunes, and good god damn, he succeeded. This album is a perfect example of what punk was about; it is never too heavy, too sloppy, too fast, never too anything. It's good music for skanking or moshing, and then it's also good music for putting a big happy grin on your face.
This is some of the best eighteen minutes of punk out there, and for any of you who like punk, I highly recommend picking this up.

11. Σταματης Γονiδης-Πλατη με Πλατη
12. The Ropes-Post-entertainment
13. Vatican Shadow-Remember Your Black Day
14. Poni Hoax-A State Of War
15. Πανος Κιαμος-Δε θελω επαφη
16. Sally Shapiro-Somewhere Else
17. Γιαννης Βασιλειου-Παιξε Μπαλα
18. Ellie Goulding-Halcyon Days
19. Boards Of Canada-Tomorrow's Harvest
20. Austra-Olympia

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