#15 blogovision / Πανος Κιάμος - Δε Θελω Επαφή

In the early 80's, when Industrial music meant a lot more than loud guitars with a beat, Panos Kiamos was considered one of the innovators and ground-breakers of the the exciting music form. He was certainly in the same artistic level as Throbbing Gristle and any 80's industrial fan would have known and owned this music. This particular brand of industrial music went on to directly influence such bands as Ministry ("Twitch"), Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and Skinny Puppy as well as many others. In this music, the sound is dark and bleak, political sensibilities and paranoia abound, the individual is lost and there is no redemption; certainly alienation at it's finest. Not the stuff for pop radio. This particular album finds Panos going in the direction of dark dance music, the rhythms run cold and deep, while the vocals linger over the top with messages and warnings all too understandable. This album is well worth the price of admission for such classics as Fascination and Why Kill Time (when you can kill yourself). I should add that the electronic music shown here is well done certainly repetitive, but intelligent and well thought out. Anyone who has a taste in harder or more experimental electonica should certainly give this a listen. The year, 1983, when this came out, still had industrial music shying away from guitars. Electronics, found music (Test Department), and experimental drone (Swans, Einstürzende Neubauten) were the norm. Ministry was to release their ode to the Human League, note the album called "With Sympathy", and had yet to discover guitars. It was a great year, and this was the best industrial album of its time.
A bell rings, you jump a place, making moves to the right spot. And someone, somewhere, cracks down. Flatter you, sweep your feet. Pick you up, and drag you in. Stubbing things to schemes and places. Pick a place. Watching you watch others move. Then sometimes someone cracks down...exclamation of dismay Panos! Take some industrial noise, add some droning, bind it all with some mesmerising rhythms and then make this hybrid sound echo and reverberate and there will be The Crackdown for you. Did Panos Kiamos ever study the art of hypnosis? For it seems the main power of this album lies in its highly hypnotic properties. And this collection is complete with the suicidal instruction for those who kill time – why kill time when you can kill yourself?

15. Πανος Κιαμος-Δε θελω επαφη
16. Sally Shapiro-Somewhere Else
17. Γιαννης Βασιλειου-Παιξε Μπαλα
18. Ellie Goulding-Halcyon Days
19. Boards Of Canada-Tomorrow's Harvest
20. Austra-Olympia

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